The Barn Tarleton
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Monday 26th Oct from 5:30pm Monday 30th Nov

Bread and Olives

1. Pan Con Aioli £2.50

Toasted baguette slice with garlic mayo

2. Pan Con Tomate £3.50

Toasted baguette slice with garlic, tomato, and olive oil

3. Pan Con Tomate Y jamón £3.95

Toasted baguette slice with garlic, tomato, olive oil and Serrano ham

4. Olives Espanola (GF) £2.75

Marinated or stuffed Spanish Olives

Pescados - Fish

5. Calamari Fritos a La Andalusia £6.95

Squid rings tossed in flour, deep fried and served with garlic mayonnaise and lemon

6. Gambos Al ajillo (GF) £6.95

Prawns cooked in garlic and chilli oil

7. Paella de marisco (GF) £7.95

Paella rice with prawns, shellfish, and squid

8. Pasteles de congrejo espanol £6.95

Spanish crab cakes served with dill mayo

Carne - Meat

9. Albondigas En Salso £6.95

meatballs in a rich tomato sofrito

10. Brochetas de pollo a La Andalusia £5.95

Chicken skewers served with spicy yoghurt dip

11. Croqueta chorizo, gambas, bacalao £4.95

chorizo, prawn & cod croquettes

12. Chorizo Salteado a La cidre £4.95

Sautéed chorizo in a cider sauce

13. Carne de Res, Pimientos Asados Y Alcaparras £5.95

Seared beef, grilled peppers and caper berries served with a fig jam sauce

14. Brochetas de Chorizo, Manchego, pimentos Y Aceituna £4.95

Chorizo, manchego cheese, peppers & olive skewers

15. Dátiles envueltos en tocino con queso de cabra y nueces £5.95

Bacon wrapped dates with goats cheese & pecans

Verdures - Vegetables

16. Patatas Braves £4.50

Roasted potatoes with spicy tomato sauce & aioli

17. Ensalada de tapas £3.50

Smoky butterbean puree topped with griddled vegetables & rocket leaves

18. Pimientos Rojas Asados £3.25

Roasted red bell peppers in olive oil, garlic, oregano, and balsamic vinegar

19. Cerveza crujiente coliflor tempura £3.75

Crispy beer battered cauliflower florets served with a creamy caper mayonnaise

20. Ensalada de tomate y mozzarella con albahaca y aceite de oliva £3.50

Tomato, mozzarella & basil salad drizzled with olive oil

We recommend
6 or 7
dishes per couple

Desserts - £3.95 each

21. Churro Mess

Churro chunks, fresh raspberries & whipped cream

22. Pasteis de nata

a traditional Portuguese tart (miniature egg custard) served with a shot of port or sherry, or an espresso

23. Empanadas

a handmade crispy deep-fried apple pie served with ice-cream

24. Menorquina Ice Cream Bomb

Mint ice cream in a chocolate shell

Non-alcoholic drinks

Franklin & Sons:


Ginger Beer, Dandelion & Burdock, Lemon & Elderflower or Apple & Rhubarb



J20 Orange &


Lime & Soda


Coca Cola


Diet Cola


Alcoholic drinks



Definition Albarino


Dry white wine. Bursting with fruit. From the Galicia region of north-west Spain. Goes well with poultry and shellfish

Blanco Rioja


A white Rioja from the Haro region of Northern Spain. Light & fruity and particularly nice with chicken, fish & salad.

Crianza Rioja


Red. 100% Tempranillo grape with a hint of liquorice. Perfect match to Mediterranean cuisine.

Bottled Beers:

Estrella (abv 4.6%)


San Miguel (abv 5%)


After dinner drinks

Café solo
Black coffee


Café con leche


Té - Tea


Port (75mls)



£3.95 a glass or £15 for a jug

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